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Richie Cup

The Richie Scott Cup
Awarded to the Arxx Team members who demonstrate the spirit of Richie Scott whose enthusiastic and innovative leadership helped make Arxx the success it is today.

Our values:
• Keep your promises
• Treat others with respect
• Open, honest communication
• Be professional
• Have fun
• Build long-term, win-win relationships
• Continuously improve
• Take ownership



Arxx Championhip Support Team

“Our team is in place to support your team. Call us with all your technical, marketing and training requirements at 1-800-293-3210. We are always ready to help.” Mark Cameron, Manager, Arxx Customer Service

Great people to build with!

We’re here to help you succeed

Everybody on The Arxx Championship Support Team has the same goal – to help you succeed. That means you can count on the best technical support in the industry.

We have more full time field and technical staff with more experience, ready to help when you need it. Call us at 1-800-293-3210.

We understand your business

We know what it’s like to work in the field. We have over ten years experience helping contractors build with Arxx all across North America. From winter builds in Alaska to summer builds in Phoenix, from autumn builds on the side of the Rocky Mountains, to spring builds on the Florida coast line. We’ve built it.

Everybody on our team is ready to share their experience and their knowledge with you.

Estimating system

We offer everything you need to successfully specify, design, and build with the Arxx wall system. We will teach you how to make accurate estimates in terms of both the materials needed, and the time it will take to build.

The best training

We’ve trained more than 15,000 contractors across North America. We developed a comprehensive training course that’s focused on the nitty gritty details required to put an Arxx building together quickly and efficiently. We’ll show you what to do, and what not to do, so that your project gets done on budget and on schedule.

We’ll help you build your business

We’re 100% committed to your success. Build with the number one product. Get The Arxx Championship Support Team working for you.

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