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Complete System
Everything you need: a complete line of forms, hooks, damp proofing, and bracing.

Patented X-web

Patented X-web
Arxx’s patented X-web is the strongest design in the industry. Build with it and count on it.

No Screw Pops
Arxx’s exposed web gives you a direct, solid-to-solid attachment for your wall finishing materials.


The patented Arxx X-web design is the strongest design in the industry

Arxx Walls versus Other Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)
Feature Arxx Walls Other ICFs
Exposed, Patented


Arxx’s patented, exposed X-web is the only ICF web not covered by a layer of foam so you get a direct, solid attachment. All other ICFs have at least a ½" of foam covering the web.
Solid-to-Solid Attachment Patented exposed web provides a solid bearing for the attachment of finishes like drywall, stucco, siding, and brick ties. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of screw pops or siding sag. Subject to a higher likelihood of screw pops or siding sag, because there is no solid-to-solid attachment. For brick walls, contractors often remove the foam covering the web to get a solid attachment.
X-web The X-web has been designed to provide superior strength for Arxx walls. No other ICF has the patented, X-web design.
Certifications Arxx is the only ICF with a UL/ULC fire rating, and approval by all of the major North American Building Codes. No other ICF has more testing or code approvals.
Bracing System Arxx’s easy-to-use, OSHA reviewed, bracing system provides a safe working platform to help you build straight, plumb walls. No other ICF provides a complete system like Arxx.
Tight Interlocking Design Arxx forms fit together easily and snugly with a tight interlock which minimizes movement during concrete placement. Some ICFs, especially reversible interlocks, have a looser fit so the forms tend to shift and float during the pour.

“Arxx is unquestionably more user friendly to the trades (electrical, plumbing) that interact with the wall system – all the others are more cumbersome.” Steve Lenzmeir, Homebuilder

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