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Warm and dry basements make money

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No Waiting Around

No Waiting Around
Don’t wait for subs. Take charge of your production schedule from day one. Get your own crew to build the foundations.


No mold. No mildew. No call-backs

With Arxx, your concrete gets a slow, moist cure, for maximum strength. And that’s something you can really build your business on. Build your next foundation with Arxx and you can be sure that your customers will enjoy a warm, dry basement for years to come.

Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System for building strong, energy efficient, concrete walls and foundations. Our forms are lightweight, pre-assembled, and stack together quickly. You don’t need expensive tools or equipment. You don’t need expensive labor. You get a complete system with the Arxx bracing and scaffolding, the Arxx Hook, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap, and all the accessories you need. Your crew will build quickly and right – straight, plumb and square.

Plus, every time you build with Arxx, you can count on the best technical support in the industry: The Arxx Championship Support Team. We have more full time field and technical staff, with more experience, ready to help you when you need it. We’ll help you estimate. We’ll train you and your crew. We’ll support you from start to finish.

Call us, we’ll help you build your business.

More info: Take control of your foundations and Use the number one product


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