The Arxx Commitment: To build comfort and value

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Our goal is to help you build
the most comfortable home possible

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(Proven Product + Unbeatable Support
= A Superior Build)

Comfort is a state-of-the-art wall system

Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America. Arxx has the most production facilities, the most distributors, and the best product. In fact, Arxx is the only Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) that provides a solid-to-solid attachment for any finishing material (like drywall, siding or brick ties). Our patented, exposed X-web is unique! Arxx is the one with the stripes.

Comfort is superior weather resistance

Our lightweight, expanded polystyrene forms interlock to build in superior comfort, quiet, and security in all weather. The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete is a powerful combination – it makes Arxx walls stronger, safer, quieter, and energy efficient. In test after test, Arxx walls meet or exceed standards set by building codes.

Comfort is on-time delivery

With Arxx your building projects are predictable: on spec, on time, and on budget. So you can relax, comfortable in Arxx dependability.

Comfort is hands-on training for contractors

The thorough and rigorous training of contractors is one of the key reasons for our success. Every Arxx trained contractor has the specialized knowledge to build with our Arxx wall system, and a strong support team to back him/her up. Which is a true comfort.

Comfort is solving unique building challenges

We know that every building project is unique. From mountainous regions to waterfront properties, we have a track record of over ten years building more than 80 million square feet of walls and foundations. We have solved a lot of building challenges. So you can be comfortable knowing that we will put all of our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Comfort is championship support

We can’t say it often enough! We’re committed to your comfort. When you build with Arxx, you can count on the best customer support in the industry: The Arxx Championship Support Team. We have more staff, more experience, and we are always ready to help you and your builder.

Comfort is the number one product

It’s a winning game plan. Build with the number one product, get championship support, and you’ll enjoy superior comfort. Put the Arxx Team to work on your home. Build with Arxx. We’ll help you plan and build your next project. Call us at 1-800-293-3210.


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We’ll help you plan and build your next project.
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The Arxx Commitment: To build comfort and value   the Arxx Commitment