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Randy Daniels

“Wrap your home in a warm soft hug. Arxx walls provide continuous unbroken expanded polystyrene insulation on both sides of your super-strong reinforced concrete. In the summer it’s like an ice cream sandwich, in the winter it’s like two layers of a cozy quilt.” Randy Daniels, Arxx Regional Manager – Southwest USA


Wind Resistant

Wind Resistance
Proven protection against high wind damage from hurricanes, tornados, or storms.


Fire Rated

Fire Rated
Get UL/ULC Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of 2-4 hours when you build with Arxx.



Strong and safe

“When Hurricane Charley passed right over our home – I felt totally safe – you could not even hear the 150 mph winds outside. I wanted to build the best home I could. And I did!” Chuck Taylor, Arxx Homeowner

Arxx walls stand up to
the forces of time and nature

Arxx Foundations: The strength of your home rests on your foundation

Arxx foundations are solid, strong and extremely durable. In fact, the R-value and sound resistance of every Arxx form is protected by a 30 year limited warranty, and The Arxx Championship Support Team.

Arxx stay-in-place forms provide a slow, moist cure which increases the strength of the concrete. To get a similar strength with conventional forms, your builder would have to leave the temporary forms up for an extended period.

The reinforced monolithic concrete structure of an Arxx wall gives you dramatically improved strength and durability. It’s more stable and less likely to shift and/or crack than a conventional foundation.

The insulating foam, which covers both sides of the concrete core is treated with fire retardant. It also protects your foundation against mold and mildew because it is inert. You can protect the foundation with our peel-and-stick moisture barrier, or use our premium damp proofing, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap.

Fire Resistance  wind Resistance

Arxx Exterior Walls: Superior comfort for your entire home

Arxx walls stand up to the forces of time and nature. The structural integrity of steel reinforced concrete provides exceptional protection for your home from wind-blown debris during hurricanes, tornadoes and storms.

Arxx is the only Insulated Concrete Wall System that provides a solid-to-solid attachment for all finishing materials (like drywall, siding or brick ties). Our patented, exposed X-web is unique! Arxx is the one with the stripes. This helps prevent problems like screw pops and siding sag because it extends the strength of the concrete core through to all your finishing materials.

Arxx walls can be designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph or more. Laboratory tests simulating hurricane storm damage demonstrate that an Arxx home can withstand wind-blown debris travelling at over 100 mph. Arxx walls are fire resistant too. You can build walls that provide UL/ULC rated 2- and 4-hour fire resistance.

The strength and durability of Arxx promises lower maintenance costs and better long-term value.

Concrete Strength

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