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Campo Di Bocce Restaurant and Recreation Facility is A First for Livermore

Livermore, CA - The new Campo di Bocce building is a 14,000 sq. ft. ball club and restaurant that has adopted a building technology called Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) with Arxx Walls & Foundations. “This is the first commercial ICF application in Livermore,” said Kent Yonker, Specialty Sales Manager at Central Westside Concrete, supplier of the Arxx ICF’s. In addition to commercial establishments, he said ICFs are being used to build homes in California, replacing wood frame construction, because the ICF walls are highly energy efficient (with savings of 40 – 50%), resist sound and have a higher fire safety rating. The sturdy concrete construction can also stand up to seismic activity. With another location in Los Gatos, the bocce club’s popularity was reason enough to build one in Livermore.

Often compared to giant children’s blocks, the expanded polystyrene forms snap together and are easy to install. As Jim Deering, owner of Advanced Building Technologies in Frazier Park, the installer on the job, describes it, “The Arxx wallsystem is the most user-friendly on the market—you don’t even need power tools, everything can be hand cut.” And that can save installers a bundle on worker’s compensation. The blocks stack neatly and are reinforced with steel rebar. Then comes the cool part: boom pumps pour concrete into the forms, which remain in place and provide unprecedented insulation. “That’s where the energy savings come in,” says Deering. And he says, in an area where fire can be an issue, the Arxx blocks used at the Bocce Club have a four-hour fire rating, far surpassing wood frame construction. Deering has been building with ICFs for 14 years and it represents 90% of his business, with 50/50 commercial vs. residential. “I was a framer before I started working with ICFs and I would not build my own home with anything else,” said Deering.

Yonker feels the new bocce courts are going to be as popular in Livermore as in Los Gatos, especially with an adjoining Italian restaurant. “This is a high profile area surrounded by vineyards and golf courses, so more recreation is welcome.”

Yonker and Deering say that the Arxx ICFs were specified by the owner for the energy savings, the green building aspect and the fact that Livermore is a Seismic 4 Zone. He said the sturdy construction with steel columns will withstand the forces of time and nature. And added Yonker, “ They needed to keep on schedule and the Arxx blocks are very easy to install and cost about half as much as the pre-cast concrete quotes that came in.”

The new Campo di Bocce is now open. For more information visit For further information on Arxx Projects in southern California, contact Kent Yonker of Central Concrete/Westside Building Materials at 916-806-9414.


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