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First All-Concrete Subdivision comes to Arizona

April 24, 2006-Phoenix, AZ -5 Investors, LLC and Sunfire Group, LLC invite the press and the public to the construction kick-off of Sunset Trails IV on Friday, May 12 th, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. Located in Phoenix near Interstate 17 and the 101 Freeway, Sunset Trails IV is one of the last premium residential building locations in northwest Phoenix.

This Innovative Concrete Living means coming together to create a termite and mold resistant, fire resistant, sound resistant, affordable to heat & cool, healthy, and low maintenance home that will last for generations. The potential energy savings for each home is more than 40%. Notably, this subdivision is environmentally friendlier than traditional frame construction for the same cost. The homes range from 3,000 to 4,000 sq. feet and feature fully finished basements.

David Keller, CEO and Robert Salars, COO, are the driving force behind the project. This is the first production, all-concrete subdivision being built in Arizona. Constructed with Arxx™ Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), the wall system features forms that stay in place after the concrete is poured to provide superior insulation and an array of energy savings and environmental and health benefits. Along with sturdy concrete construction, the homes offer below and above grade walls with an effective R-value of R-50 and a R38 insulated roof system. Partnering with Helical Technology (HT), this subdivision will utilize HT’s helical pier foundation systems to alleviate any settlement problems in the future and avoid such things as cracks and leaks. After our soil inspection, Western Technology’s Soil Engineer, Randy Marwig said, “The calculated settlement will be less than ½” for the life of the house.” This is far above the standard.

Sunset Trails IV is located on 40th Avenue and Lone Catcus in North Phoenix. For more information about 5 Investors LLC, Sunfire Group LLC and the May 12th Construction Kick-Off, call 602-266-4566 or visit website.


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