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Speed of construction opens box office faster

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Press Release: October 2003

Arxx ICF system helps Village Center Theater open in time for November film releases

Pullman, WA (October 2003) – In November, the Village Center Theater will be ready to start showing the many fall movie releases on its eight screens, thanks in part to the speed of construction of the Arxx High Performance Wallsystem, which is an Insulated Concrete Form system (ICF) for stronger, safer and more energy efficient walls. The sound-resistant qualities of Arxx also ensure that “The Cat in the Hat’s” viewers won’t have a hard time hearing the show if “The Cooler” is playing next door (and that’s good for sure).

“The use of the Arxx ICF system saved us a couple of weeks or more, which is a huge deal for a theater that wants to open on schedule with the fall releases,” explains Todd Hawley, project manager for Brown Contracting and Development, the general contractors on the project. Site work began approximately April of this year and the Arxx forms were installed in early June.

The thickness of the Arxx walls allowed the theater to be constructed using it for interior soundproofing walls instead of steel frame. According to John Warfield, superintendent for the project, who has built several theaters, “It is always a real problem to eliminate sound transfer on interior walls. Usually, we build two walls separate from one another, put three layers of drywall on each, and insulate between. With the Arxx system there is quite a time and money savings and that was a strong influence for choosing an ICF system.” Warfield looked at several ICF materials for the theater and recommended Arxx because “the structure and way it went together and provided inside and outside corner pieces was better than the others I’ve seen,” he adds.

Another money-saving feature of Arxx for this project was the unique one-side buried web option. The façade of the theater was built using the buried web blocks which have a smooth finish for a direct application of stucco.

“The Arxx buried web exterior was so good and dimensionally correct that they didn’t need to add a layer of smooth foam before applying the exterior finish as they normally would,” explains Claudia King of Smart Solutions, Inc., the Arxx distributor for the project. It basically saved an entire finishing step. “The foam was scored and then the stucco applied and the result is a very classic large tile look complete with accent pieces.” Another important factor for any theater is that Arxx is the only ICF at this time entitled to bear the ULC fire resistance logo, which is a key indicator of tested fire protection products and materials.

Had the owners not chosen to use Arxx, Warfield notes that the theater probably would have been built of masonry, tilt-up or poured in place. According to King, “The crew from Professional Construction Services (PCS) Company loved working with Arxx and several contractors in the area are looking to us to become Arxx trained.”

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