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What is ICF?

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“Wrap your home in a warm soft hug. Arxx walls provide continuous unbroken expanded polystyrene insulation on both sides of your super-strong reinforced concrete. In the summer it’s like an ice cream sandwich, in the winter it’s like two layers of a cozy quilt.” Randy Daniels, Arxx Regional Manager – Southwest USA




Arxx ICF is number 1

Two layers of EPS Foam
wrapped around a concrete core for superior comfort, strength, and value.

ICF is an acronym for Insulating Concrete Forms.

Arxx ICF are stay-in-place concrete forms, which builders use as "forms" for poured concrete walls and foundations. Because Arxx ICF are "stay-in-place" forms, they are not removed after the concrete is cured. Instead they are left in-place to create a double layer of insulation around your entire home. And as a result, all your exterior walls have two layers of EPS Foam wrapped around a concrete core, which provides you with superior comfort, strength, and value.

Because Arxx wraps your home in a continuous layer of foam insulation you have much less air infiltration and fewer drafts than a conventional frame house. The solid concrete core of an Arxx wall also stabilizes the temperature in your home because of its thermal mass, so you enjoy more constant temperatures, throughout the day. With its high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass, you can save up to 50% of energy costs compared to conventional construction, and your overall operating and maintenance costs will be much lower.


An Arxx ICF wall is made like a sandwich with two layers of EPS foam wrapped around concrete core. Then you add drywall on the inside, and brick, or any other exterior finishing, to the outside.

The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete is a powerful combination – it makes Arxx walls stronger, safer, quieter, and energy efficient. In test after test, Arxx walls meet or exceed standards set by building codes.

What’s more, Arxx forms are guaranteed by the Arxx 30 year limited warranty, and The Arxx Championship Support Team.

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