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Arxx the most certifications in the industry

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Testing and Certifications

Arxx has the most testing and certifications in the industry. Check out the following testing, certifications and requirement and you'll know why Arxx is the Number One ICF:

Fire Resistance

  • UL/ULC listing of Fire Resistance Ratings in accordance with ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC-S101
  • a fire retardant is added to the Arxx forms during manufacturing
  • exceeds Classification A as tested in accordance with CAN4-S124-M85 when covered with one layer ½" (12.7 mm) GWB
  • when protected by ½" conventional GWB, Arxx meets the requirements of the UBC Standard 26-3 (1994) Standard Room Fire Test
  • Flash Ignition Temperature of 698°F (370°C) and Self Ignition Temperature of 806°F (430°C) in accordance with ASTM D1929
Juristiction Canada* USA†
Flame Spread 140 10
Smoke Developed Over 380 300


Energy Efficiency

  • Thermal resistance of R22 (6" form unit) as calculated with procedures in the ASHRAE Handbook—1997 Fundamentals
  • Due to the moderating effect of the thermal mass of concrete, thermal performance of the Arxx wall can exceed the performance of a wood-framed wall insulated up to R-50

Sound Resistance

  • Sound Transmission Classifications (STC) of 50 or higher are easily attainable

High Wind Events Performance

  • Minimal damage from impact testing in accordance with Dade County Protocol PA 201-94 simulating hurricane storm damage water vapor resistance
  • In compliance with code requirements of 3.50 perms-in (200 ng/Pa•s•m2)
  • Structural design considerations
  • Structural integrity of the wall is a function of the reinforced concrete
  • Design as reinforced concrete in accordance with accepted engineering principles

Building Requirements

  • Interior face of the Arxx wall shall be protected from interior spaces with minimum one layer ½" (12.7 mm) GWB in accordance with local and national building codes
  • Exterior face of the Arxx wall shall be protected with approved exterior finish materials (i.e., masonry, siding, stucco, etc.)
  • Below-grade waterproofing/drainage shall be in accordance with local building codes and compatible with EPS

Code Evaluations

  • ICC-ES Legacy Report NER-685
  • ICC-ES Legacy Report ER-5119
  • CCMC Report # 12641-R
  • Massachusetts letter dated 03/25/96
  • Wisconsin Approval # 200038-I
  • California State license # TD 1349
  • Texas Dept. of Insurance PER FR-35
  • Miami–Dade County FL Notice of Acceptance # 02-1011.08
  • Prince George’s County MD letter dated May 9, 2002
  • St. Louis County MO letter dated 12/02/98
  • City of Los Angeles RR 25468
  • New York City MEA 281-02-M


  • UL/ULC listing of Fire Resistance Ratings in accordance with ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC-S101
  • STC test results confirming performance in accordance with ASTM E336-90 and E413-87
  • R-Value determined by calculation consistent with ASHRAE 90.1
  • Report of Standard Fire Room Test UBC Standard 26-3
  • fastener withdrawal test reports conducted in accordance with ASTM C473, D1037 and D1761-88
  • ITS Listing documenting compliance with NBC of Canada requirements for non-combustible cladding
  • Report of successful completion of Canadian Fire Test CAN4-S124-M85
  • Dade County Impact Test PA 201-94


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