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Bob Geroux

“We have so many customers who build Arxx foundations, then discover that their basements are the most comfortable place in the whole house! They tell us that they should have built their entire house with Arxx. It’s just so much better!”

Bob Geroux, Business Manager – Northeast US


Build Comfort

Build Comfort
Arxx homes are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Build Security

Build Security
Arxx homes can withstand 150 mph winds or more.


Build Value

Build Value
Homeowners can reduce energy costs by up to 50%.


Arxx Homes

"Arxx in particular is easier to build with. I do a lot of custom homes so when there are changes of direction, or radius walls, structurally it is easier to get the engineering right. Arxx is practical, easier, simpler, and faster in many situations.” Mike Evans, Homebuilder

Arxx is the proven and tested wall system

When you build with Arxx, you are working with the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America. Arxx has been approved by all major North American building codes. Arxx is the only Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) to receive a UL/ULC fire rating.

Build in extra comfort and savings

Arxx walls can virtually eliminate the “cold spots” that occur in conventional frame walls, because your home is wrapped in two continuous layers of foam insulation. An Arxx home has 33% to 50% less air infiltration than a conventional frame house, so uncomfortable drafts are virtually eliminated.

The solid concrete core of an Arxx wall stabilizes the temperature because of its thermal mass. So homeowners get constant temperatures, even when the outdoor temperature fluctuates throughout the day.

With its high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass, you can reduce your initial building costs by installing a smaller HVAC system. Plus, the homeowner can save up to 50% of their monthly heating and cooling costs (depending on the region) compared to a conventional home.

Proven and tested fire ratings

You get a 2-hour UL/ULC listed Fire Resistance Rating on every 6" Arxx wall you build. You can double it to a 4-hour rating by adding fiber to the concrete. Fire retardant is added to the EPS foam providing a self-ignition temperature of over 800° (430°C) in every Arxx form we build.

Fire Resistance

Proven and tested sound ratings

You can easily attain Sound Transmission Classification (STC) up to 50 or higher with an Arxx wall. That means peace and quiet for neighbors on both sides of every common wall you build – perfect for condos, townhouses, and even movie theatres. We have lots of test data and case studies. Call The Arxx Championship Support Team for more details and facts.

Sound Reduction

Proven and tested strength and security

Arxx walls are built like a sandwich with a reinforced concrete core. The structural integrity of this steel reinforced concrete core provides exceptional protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, and even rowdy neighbors. Our patented, exposed X-web gives you solid-to-solid contact for all your finishing materials. This dramatically reduces screw pops, siding sag, and customer call-backs.

Concrete Strenght

For more information about the benefits of Insulated Concrete Walls, see: Which wall is best? and Build with the Number One ICF.

For information about building a solid foundation for your new home, see: Arxx Foundations


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