Solid-to-solid Attachment with patented X-web

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Arxx’s patented X-web is
the strongest design in the industry

Arxx’s patented, exposed X-web is the only ICF web not covered by a layer of foam so you get a direct, solid attachment. It provides a solid bearing for the attachment of finishes like drywall, stucco, siding, and brick ties. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of screw pops or siding sag. The X-web has been designed to provide superior strength for Arxx walls.

Benefits of the Arxx design-engineered X-web

  • Fast, easy positioning of horizontal rebar allows for non-contact lap slices and simple vertical rebar placement without the need to tie vertical bars in place
  • Wide variety of rebar notches means designers have greater options for rebar design configurations
  • 8" (200 mm) o/c spacing provides optimum forming strength
  • 8" (200 mm) o/c spacing provides more than adequate
    opportunity for fastening interior & exterior finish materials
  • Plastic composition of web eliminates thermal bridging concerns

Buried Web Option

If you are finishing your building with Stucco, you may want to choose our one-side buried web option, which have a smooth finish for a direct application of stucco.

Arxx Builder Claudia King of Smart Solutions describers how they used Arxx's unique one-side buried web to increase quality and reduce costs:

"The Arxx buried web exterior was so good and dimensionally correct that they didn't need to add a layer of smooth foam before applying the exterior finish as they normally would. It basically saved an entire finishing step. The foam was scored and then the stucco applied and the result is a very classic large tile look, complete with accent pieces."


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