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"We’ve been in our home for about a year and a half, and have not had to use air-conditioning--the Arxx system and an open window is all our house needs to stay cool" Lambertha and Michal Vavro, Homeowners

Unique energy-savings with Arxx

You might call Lambertha and Michal Vavro early adopters…or just plain smart homeowners. The couple have enjoyed tremendous energy savings, as they embarked upon a fast-growing homebuilding trend known as Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), a unique building method that uses expanded polystyrene forms reinforced with concrete. In fact, the Vavros used Arxx ICFs made by Arxx Building Products of Cobourg, ON, from the foundation to the roof. Arxx has been used in the building industry for more than a decade in residential, commercial and institutional applications. Ontario is seeing a rising number of housing developments using Arxx ICFs, as the energy savings, strength and ease of construction have come to light.

How does it work? The Arxx ICF method is cutting-edge, yet easy to install. The expanded polystyrene forms are stacked on the jobsite and reinforced with rebar. Concrete is poured into the forms, creating a monolithic wall. The result is a wallsystem that is highly energy efficient. Unlike wood construction, there are no cavities or gaps where molds can proliferate, which enhances indoor air quality and reduces sound. Arxx meets major building code specifications and is the only ICF with a UL/ULC 2 – 4 hour fire rating. These qualities add up to a safer, stronger, more energy-smart structure.

“We’ve been in our home for about a year and a half,” said Mrs. Vavro, “and have not had to use air-conditioning--the Arxx system and an open window is all our house needs to stay cool." She noted that the two-story home cost just a bit more to construct, but the energy savings have already far exceeded any additional cost.

The self-cooling home has less gaps than a wood-framed home, according to Mrs. Vavro, and there are no drafts in the entire house. Conversely in the winter, she and her husband find the house tremendously warm. Both stories are heated by a natural log fireplace in the living room and the in-floor heating system on the main floor. “It even heats the upstairs!" she marveled.

The Vavros chose to go with Arxx ICFs for the solidity and insulation factors, which gives them security and savings. They also liked the fact that Arxx wallsystems are used in hazard areas to protect against wind-blown debris. And, what a relief to not have the disruption of a long construction period. The form technology is a big time- and labor-saver for the builder.

“We had so many options for the exterior finish, but decided to go with stone. The subcontractor who did the stonework loved the wallsystem--he couldn’t believe how straight the walls were compared to traditional homes,” said Mrs. Vavros. The Vavros expresses their overwhelming sense of total comfort and security in their new home. “Along with excellent skill, what sets the Arxx team apart during this process was they were always there when we needed them - they really cared that the build went well…you just don’t find that with building manufacturers!” In addition, the Vavros said they received a high level of expert advice and support from the Arxx Distributor, RONA Cashway in Campbellford.

Energy savings and comfort were achieved so effortlessly, the Vavros would recommend the Arxx ICF technology to any homeowner considering new construction. To learn more about Arxx ICFs, call 1-800-293-3210 or visit their website at www.arxxwalls.com.


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