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Historical Case Studes.

For more profiles, see our Arxx Historical Case Studies.

Glen Klassen

“When you get down to the facts and compare walls feature to feature, Arxx is clearly the number one ICF. We have a great product, a great system and great support. ” Glen Klassen, Arxx Regional Manager – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Central USA


Build Year Round

Build Year Round
With Arxx, concrete cures properly in winter cold and summer heat.


Reduced Drafts

Reduced Drafts
Arxx walls significantly reduce drafts compared to conventional frame walls.


We wanted a comfortable, energy efficient home...

"We wanted a comfortable, energy efficient home with good air quality... Having a safe, healthy home to raise our children in is very much affordable, available and attractive. We are very proud of our new home and will spend many years enjoying its comfort." Al and Sandra McLellan, Homeowners

Arxx Project Profiles

These Project Profiles are provided to demonstrate real-world application of the Arxx High Performance Wallsystem.

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Residential Developments

Historical Case Studies

For more profiles, please see Arxx Historical Case Studies.


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