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Prescriptive Design Requirements

To have a copy of the Arxx Prescriptive Design Requirements sent to you, please call 1-800-293-3210 Ext. 210.

Many American States and and Canadian provinces are adopting new building and energy convservation codes. The design specifications of an Arxx Wall meets or exceeds most of these updated codes incuuding the New York State Code R404.4, and the American Concrete Insitute provisions in Section 318.

  1. We recommend that you use and reference “Arxx Prescriptive Design Requirements Manual”. This fully engineered document is based on the NYS codes and the ACI 318. Arxx also bases all our construction techniques and installation procedures on the ACI 318. This will save you time and money in your residential construction.
  2. Anyone who is in the design stage and is using Arxx Building Products in the foundation, or building the entire envelope, this is a great tool. This will take you from the footing to the plates once again saving you time and money on your construction and design cost for residential construction. On the same note we have the design and specification soft ware and hard copies to assist you in your drawings. We highly suggest you use this “Arxx specific tools” in all your Arxx projects to greatly save you time, money and grief.
  3. The new energy code also calls for you to insulate the basement area from a minimum of R-11 to an R-19 depending on you heating plants and design. In many cases if you use Arxx for the entire envelope it will make your designing much easier and cost effective when you have to take all glass and openings in account when designing your new home per the new code. Arxx has a documented effective R-rating of R-40 to R-50 (depending on your region)1.

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