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Arxx Estimating Spreadsheet 4.3



Welcome to Version 4.3.3 of the Arxx Estimating Program. The program has been designed to allow you to create fast, professional looking estimates for the Arxx portion of your residential, and light commercial projects. Although this software is intended to be an aid to you in estimating, we do not expect this program to be the answer in every case. You will occasionally be confronted with projects that have geometry's that are too complex for this program to be effective

This program has been generated with the following assumptions in mind.

  • The user has attended the Level One Arxx Training Program and has learned the skills necessary to perform an estimate manually, without the aid of this software.
  • It is assumed that this spreadsheet will typically be used for simple, single family dwellings and light commercial buildings. When more complex buildings are encountered it may be necessary to prepare the estimate manually or supplement the Estimate Program with manual calculations.
  • The user has the basic knowledge necessary to use Microsoft Windows 95 or better and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

As you become more familiar with this program, please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments on the format and performance. If you see shortcomings or can recommend additional features for future versions of the program, please send them to us via e-mail to Arxx Technical Services

System Requirements

This program has been written to run under Microsoft Excel 97. Therefore you must have Microsoft Excel 97 or better installed on your system in order to run the program. Excel 97 can be purchased from most software retailers.

Excel 97 runs on a PC platform running under the Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system. Therefore the computer you are using must be compatible with this operating system. If you are unsure of the capabilities of your system you can seek assistance from your local computer retailer. Although Excel is available for the Macintosh operating system, the program has not been tested in that environment. Support for Macintosh users is therefore is not available.

If you are not familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel 97 we suggest that you spend some time becoming familiar with the program prior to attempting to use the Arxx Estimating Program. Tutorials and sample spreadsheets are included with Excel which may help with familiarization, or you may wish to take a training course. In order to use this program, you must agree to the licence agreement embedded within the document.

Download Estimating Software:

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